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A closer look at our Fitbit Luxe straps

If you are looking for Fitbit Luxe straps, we have some real gems. Not only do we source great designs for you to don whatever your chosen activity is so you can wear your Fitbit Luxe - whatever colour and style you choose to wear.

We go to great lengths to ensure that the replacement straps are of excellent quality offering comfort with a secure fit. 

High quality Fitbit Luxe straps

We know you will be over the moon with the quality of our Luxe straps - the attention to detail, the finish on the buckle and the smooth edges on the connector to your Luxe, all parts are perfectly made and of a very high standard. 

Stitching to reply on on the replacement Fitbit Luxe Straps


We do love this replacement strap, and the style is available for many of devices, not just the Fitbit Luxe. 

The easy attachment of new straps just requires a check to make sure the connection is secure. Just gently pull on the strap to test it is correctly seated and won't release when you don't want it to. 

High quality metal clasps and buckles on the Fitstraps replacement straps

The perfect shine on metal parts, such as the clasp on this charming paw print strap is stunning. The security of your Fitbit Luxe depends on the quality of the buckles and connectors and our replacement straps can be relied on as well as being very 

No rough edges or sharp parts, the metal connections are just as soft and comfortable as the silicone components. Polished and easy to clean, they are every bit as attractive as they are safe and secure. 

Fitbit Luxe strap with double loop strap

The textured silicone straps have tough stitching and double strap loops to keep the end of the strap out of the way - reducing the risk of any parts getting caught up or the likelihood of the clasp un-doing. 


Replacement straps for the fitbit Luxe comes in a great range of styles and materials. Here are some of our favourites...

We love the stainless steel and metallic Luxe straps - both styles are available in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Black. Perfect for nights out, or for teaming with your office outfits. Smart and professional but totally on the fitness mission even whilst socialising or working hard. 

The Metallic Luxe Strap

Shown here in black, the gorgeous texture of the strap feels great, this is a style that we have available for many devices including the Apple watch. It has magnetic catches that do a great job very simply and elegantly. 

Black metallic Fitbit Luxe Strap

The Stainless Steel Strap 

Metallic Fitbit Luxe strap

Shown here in Gold, the quality shines through, very solid and of a good weight, it looks great teamed with most colours and does work very well when coupled with gold jewellry. 

The clasp is strong yet simple and very easy to attach to both your Fitbit Luxe and your wrist.

Enough about smart professional, now for something completely different - totally at home with a VW camper van and handprinted linen trousers, the woven effect Luxe strap is good looking, casual and very comfortable. Great for turning heads down the gym or for going down the pub. In a range of styles and colours but all on the same vibe, this is a funky new Luxe strap style. 

fitbit luxe patterned textile strap

Accessories for the Fitbit Luxe

Don't forget we also stock important accessories for your Fitbit Luxe, and we wouldn't even consider leaving the house without a charger or a screen protector. Why not take advantage of our super offers to make sure your Fitbit Luxe is totally protected, fully charged and looks amazing, matched to your favourite colours or coordinating with your gym gear. 

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