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Designer Apple Watch Straps

The Best Range of Designer Apple Watch Straps 

If you are looking to style up your Apple Watch, why not look to add a designer look to your ever-growing collection? A Fitstraps designer Apple Watch Wristband is the go-to option for levelling up the look of your watch while edging toward the more classic and neural style of the watchband. When you shop at Fitstraps, browsing our unchallenged range of designer Wrist Straps will always allow you to find the look for you. 

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Choose a designer Apple Watch Band that matches your fashion sense perfectly

Find the best Designer watch band that will be guaranteed to make your Apple Watch band look a million bucks, whether you are wearing it with everyday wear or you are in high fashion mode. When it comes to all things fashion when you speak about a new look for your watch band, Fitstraps is the place to transform your everyday look Apple Watch band into a fine wine that just gets better with age. Experience the perfect way to show off your fitness tech fashion sense every time you hit the gym for some weightlifting or go to brunch with your friends.  Whichever your activity of choice, with Fitstraps you can always be confident that our wristbands will be a clean fit for you to wear each and every day.


With your new Fitstraps wristband attached, you will want to do a double tour of your office the next day, as your colleagues will think your new look is Michael Kors or Kate Spade rather than Fitstraps. If you select a designer Band from Fitstraps, you can always do so knowing that the watch strap you purchase was produced using the highest quality materials available. All of our designer straps on our site have been specially manufactured and come with our strong design buckle connector as standard on every wristband. Shop Fitstraps now and completely switch up the look of your Watch Strap each and every time you leave the house. 

All of our wristbands in stock have been produced to fit every version of the Apple Watch Series, from the Series 3 right through to the SE model and come in two different sizes 38mm and 42mm always ensure you purchase the right size for you. For more detailed information on sizing read this blog post