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Best Fitbit Straps for 2022

With 2021 coming to an end, 2022 offers new opportunities to keep improve our health and fitness. 

What better way to track your progress than with a Fitbit on your wrist. 

With the Fitbit Luxe, Sense, and Fitbit Charge 5 , the role of the fitness monitor is playing an ever increading role in the mission of taking care of ourselves, from heart rate to stress levels. 

With each Fitbit upgrade the functions are refined and improved. We source great new watch straps for an ever-increasing amount of monitors, reflecting the current trends in style, whilst also meeting demands for performance and comfort in various activities.

The replacement strap fashion for 2022

Colours and styles forecast for 2022 will be bold and bright yellows, oranges and tones of blue along with prints, patterns and shiny fabrics.

We have a super collection of Fitbit straps that will easily combine with any outfit and marry with complimentary textures and shades.

Gorgeous gold fitbit strap replacement

Spice up your wardrobe and tick off the shiny trend with a metallic strap, almost every Fitbit comes in silver, black, rose gold and gold - perfect for dressing up your fitness monitor and giving it that new look for special occasions or just to add some flare to your worklife. Follow this link to view the Fitbit Sense metallic watch straps.

scrunchie print replacement fitbit straps

Scrunchies and patterned Fitbit straps in bold prints for fun and to top off your casual style.  See the Fitbit Versa for more scrunchie armbands

Get a replacement watchstrap and a charge for a fabulously useful gift, for birthdays or Christmas. 







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