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Best strap for the occasion

Don't let all those burned calories go unlogged - make sure you choose the best fitness watch strap or wristband for the occasion. Most fitness trackers offer more benefits when you wear them all day, and our great priced watchstraps mean you can have a great choice of styles and colours. 

Whether you are working out down the gym or spring cleaning your house, the right watchstrap will help you keep your fitness watch secure. To get a really good picture of your fitness and improvements you are making, wear your fitbit or smart watch all day long. You can get an excellent view of how fit you are and how many calories you are burning all day and most importantly, how well you are doing.

Heart rate monitors

PurePulse Technology has changed the game of heart rate monitors - gone are the days of wearing an elasticated chest band. Now your wrist worn fitness tracker can give you a real time heart rate such as the FitBit Charge 2 

You really need excellent contact between your wrist and the watchstrap. A snug fit but without being too tight. The modern materials have a bit of give with them, elasticity without slackness so your heart rate is monitored. 

Tracking your activity all through the day can give you a fitness rating which you can watch improve as you up your intake.

Strong, secure watchstraps

For any physical activity where you work up a sweat the best strap will be comfortable and stay put, a good strong clasp to prevent your fitbit flying off in one direction and you in another.

Housework is an activity!

Don't wear your best strap when doing housework or chores - have a nice comfy strap you won't mind getting a bit dirty! So quick to change you can get a couple of colours, and grab the right one for the task in hand. Don't forget to get a screen protector, it is an absolute must especially if you are in the housework zone!  

Looking the business

A classic leather watchstrap can look great in your business attire, whether meeting with clients or commuting. Leather keeps the fitness tracker in close contact to your skin, is comfortable and looks smart. Metal straps come in a great range of colours for an eye catching style, so you can dress to impress and still track your daily activity.  

smart fitness watch straps to look good all day and evening

Evening wear that carries on working

Working out on the dance floor? Your fitness tracker can sparkle and catch those lights with a stunning metal strap. If you are really busting some moves, maybe a  brand new silicone strap in a great new colour is a better option to coordinate with your outfit.

Working out with secateurs

All those gardeners and allotmenteers know you get a pretty good workout whilst growing tasty veg or beautiful flowers - fitness monitors now mean you can prove it! Another activity that needs a screen protector and a comfy, secure strap that can be cleaned easily and saved for the task. A quick change into more suitable clothing, pop on your gardening watchstrap, a pair of gloves and get to work! 

Silicone for a comfortable strap

We stock a good choice of wristbands for all the fitness trackers, made with a soft, comfortable silicone which stays in place to record your activities. If you don't have an HR fitness tracker you can add your activities in the app log so every calorie counts. 

Silicone straps are waterproof and much easier to keep clean. They are very quick to change and with all the bright, bold colours, you can have a wardrobe for your fitbit too! 

Coming up next...our watchstrap blog looks into how many calories you can burn without hitting the gym 


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