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Fitbit Charge 3 straps - our most popular products!

Not the youngest kit on the block, the Fitbit fitness monitors and health trackers have moved on since the release of the Charge 3 in October 2018. 

The new Fitbit Sense focuses on wellbeing and stress management, the Versa is a great way to up your energy with the use of motivational energy and personal goals. 

Something about the Charge 3

So what is it about the Charge 3 that really makes it a stayer in the fit watch arena? 

Since the release of newer models the price has dropped on the Charge 3, so that probably plays a big part. In terms of functionality, it still ticks all the boxes. The Charge 4 has GPS which is missing from the Charge 3, but it has a larger screen than the Charge 2 and has a tracking modes for a variety of exercises, along with heart rate and sleep monitoring.

Comfortable, good looking and the battery lasts a week, you can receive texts and it's water resistant to a depth of 50m - enough to swim and shower in. 

Fitbit Charge 3 straps

With the fitness monitor being available for over 2 years, the range of replacement straps has grown and features some great new straps such as the patterned strap and the scrunchie straps as well as nylon, metal and leather.

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