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Fitstrap fashions for 2022

We like to keep an eye on the season's fashions so we can keep our shelves stocked with replacement watchstraps to coordinate with your style. 

Although it's difficult to totally predict the fashions for this year, the general undercurrent is one of a continuiing theme from last year in that bold colours are here to stay for a bit longer.

The Pantone colour of the year for 2022 is Very Peri, a blue/purple that marries with earthy tones for combinations that are sophisticated and very easy on the eye. 

Couple hues of blues or earthy greens with neutrals such as oatmeal and mushroom for a warm contrast.  

With an emphasis on natural, earthy tones such as sage green and shades of blue, there is still room for bolder colours from last year, pink and burnt orange - these contrast and complement for eye catching combinations. Many of our replacement straps for Fitbits, straps for Garmin and other fitness monitors are available for new combinations with this years favourites on the catwalks. 

Fitbit Straps 

Replacement Fitbit Watchstraps featuring moody blues and earthy hues include this fab colour, a great unisex colour that sits alongside creamy tops and casual jeans.  

Fitbit straps in trendy hues for 2022


Garmin Straps

Replacement Garmin watchstraps, tasty colours in bold hues to mix and match with your outfits, offset sage green with smooth and creamy neutral materials for subtly striking effects. 

Garmin straps for 2022


Apple Straps

Replacement Apple watchstraps come in bold colours for on trend outfits. Always great quality to make wearing your Apple watch an absolute pleasure, and safe and sound on your wrist. This soft silicone strap comes in bright colours and pale contrasting shades to coordinate with any outfit. 

apple straps - on trend coours for 2022
Check back soon for great new colours and styles of replacement straps, keep your style 

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