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How to look after your fitwatch watchstraps

So with our great priced replacement watchstraps you can be building up a good selection of watchstraps to match with your outfits and activities. 

To keep your fitwatch straps in the top condition, it's a great idea to look after them so they last longer and look their best! 

With smart watches offering total fitness monitoring, wearing your watch all day and all through the night means you need to have a certain level of hygiene too - to prevent any dermatological issues. 

Watchstrap care

We stock leather, metal and silicone watchstraps and the approach to cleaning them is slightly different. 

Silicone straps

Wash after use so that sweat and dirt is removed as soon as possible. Sweat is salty and can react with sunlight to dull the colours and fade your watchstrap. 

How to wash silicone watchstraps. Do not use any chemicals - wash any dirt off with water and dry thoroughly. 

Metal Watchstraps

Do not use hot soapy water, if you get yourself a metal cleaning cloth for general polishing and if you accidentally get dirt into the strap, a soft bristle brush should get the dirt out - but a soft cloth will really make your strap shine. 

If it gets water on it, then dry as soon as you can, prolonged contact with moisture may cause rust to form and for the connections to seize up. 

Leather watchstraps

A soft bristle brush and water should remove most dirt but investing in a small leather cleaning set will keep you looking top notch. 

Do not fasten the strap too tight as this can stretch the leather and put too much stress on the fastening. 

Skin Care

 Wearing the same watchstrap 24 hours a day could result in irritation to the skin. It is a good idea to swap your wriststrap for a different material and style so your skin gets a rest. 

A different style fitstrap will position your fit watch differently on your arm and a change in material can give your skin a break. 

Ensuring that your watchstraps are clean as possible will reduce any irritation caused by dirt or foreign objects being trapped underneath the strap, not using any perfumed or strongly alkaline cleaning products will reduce irritation from soaps or chemicals and will make sure your straps last longer and look fantastic! 



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