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How you can Connect Spotify to your Fitbit

How to Connect Spotify to Fitbit

Combining your Fitbit with Spotify brings together your fitness goals and your favourite tunes, making your fitness journey more enjoyable and leading to increased levels of motivation in the process. We all know the feeling of that extra boost when your carefully crafted playlist is ready to take you all the way through your workout.

how to connect spotify to fitbit


Spotify on Fitbit Versa, Charge 6, Inspire 3 and many more models

This unique integration allows you to Play Spotify on Fitbit and control your music directly from your wrist, ensuring that you don't need to reach for your phone for offline playback, especially during intense workouts or while on the move. This not only makes it convenient but also helps maintain your momentum and concentration, making your exercise routines more effective and fun. Whether you need Spotify on Fitbit Versa, Charge 5 or Inspire 3, FitstrapsUK are always here to help. Here's how you can connect your Fitbit to Spotify and Play Spotify on Fitbit in just a few simple steps.


  1. Get the Spotify App: Ensure that the correct app for Spotify is installed and updated on your smartphone.
  1. Fitbit App: Open the Fitbit application on your phone and tap on 'Today' at the bottom.
  1. Device Connection: Tap your profile image, select your Fitbit device and then tap on 'Media'.
  1. Spotify Setup: Scroll down to find 'Spotify' and tap 'Connect'.
  1. Login to Spotify: You will be prompted to log in to your Spotify account.
  1. Enjoy your Music: After successfully logging in, you can control your music directly from your Fitbit!

Remember, you will need a Spotify Premium account to take full advantage of the Fitbit-Spotify integration. Now, you're ready to hit those fitness targets while enjoying your favourite music!

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The Biggest Mistakes Users Make When Connecting Their Fitbit to the Spotify app

Want to download Spotify songs and stream Spotify music from the comfort of your wrist? If you want to play Spotify or import Spotify music on your Fitbit with as few issues as possible, make sure you avoid the below pitfalls so you can download Spotify music and play Spotify music as you track your fitness data with the Fitbit mobile app. -

Not Updating the Fitbit App:

Keeping your Fitbit mobile app up-to-date is crucial to ensure compatibility with third-party apps like Spotify. An outdated app can cause issues in connectivity, hindering the smooth functioning of the features.

Incorrect Spotify Premium Account:

For Spotify music integration to work, users need a Premium Spotify account. Sometimes, users either forget to upgrade their account to a Spotify premium subscription or log in with a non-premium account, leading to connectivity issues.

Ignoring Device Compatibility: Fitbit only supports Spotify music on certain devices. Make sure to check the compatibility list on Fitbit's official website before attempting to connect.

Not Syncing Devices Properly: Often, users don't fully sync their Fitbit device with the Fitbit mobile app before attempting to connect Spotify music. A full sync ensures all settings are updated correctly for a successful connection so you can download Spotify songs.

Not Utilizing Fitbit's WiFi Settings: Some users overlook the importance of connecting their Fitbit to a WiFi network. The WiFi settings need to be correct and active for the app to work properly.

Misunderstanding the Functionality: The Spotify music app on Fitbit is essentially a remote control for the app on your phone or computer. It does not directly play music from the Fitbit. Misunderstanding this functionality can lead to confusion and perceived connectivity issues.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help ensure a smooth and successful connection between your Fitbit and Spotify music, enhancing your workout music experience by allowing you to download Spotify songs and Spotify playlists.

connect spotify to fitbit

So there you have it, you now have a fully functioning Spotify Fitbit app and playing Spotify music from your fitness tracker has never been easier. You now convert Spotify Music and recently played playlists just as quickly as you can switch up your watch strap style when you choose a premium quality replacement band from FitstrapsUK.

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