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Make every activity count with your fitbit

Fitstraps great prices mean you get a selection of watchstraps for your Fitbit or fitness watch. Our replacement straps are easy to buy with fast delivery - you can have a selection of straps to choose from - from comfort to style and in a range of colours, so you can wear your smart watch all day long.

Track your fitness 24 hours a day

Why would you want to wear your fitness strap all day? There are a lot of benefits to monitoring your health for as long as possible. Some fitness trackers build up a health profile and the more you wear it, the more accurate the profile. 

Tracking activity with the right watchstrap

Wearing a smart watch is a great way to see your health improving, once you get the fitness bug you may well be looking for many ways to up your steps or increase your pulse rate, fitting this into your day can be achieved easily. Ditch the car and walk to work, or get a bike, and you can burn fat whilst doing normal, everyday chores. 


fitbit watchstrap for gardening

Dig your way to fitness

By working out in your garden you get a win win win! Lovely fresh flowers for your home, a great workout and healthy veg. Gardening has the added bonus of the feel good factor - possibly to do with the Vitamin B12 found in the soil, but you don't want that on your watchstrap, so opting for a soft silicone strap will mean you can easily clean it off!

Our great value watchstraps also mean you can get fresh new ones when you need them.

So just how many calories can you burn off during a session in the garden or on the allotment? 

Burn calories not electricity

If you ditch the electric mower, use hand tools wherever possible as these really do target areas - shears for toning up those arms and digging for a great all round workout. Be careful to make sure you work your body and don't injure yourself - watch your form to get the very best out of the activity.

Follow safe moving  and handling, don't lift anything too heavy, keep you back straight and bend your knees. Keep the weight close to your body. Make sure you don't overstretch and take your time to make sure you are doing it safely.

Depending on the level of intensity, turning your compost heap or digging over the beds can burn up to 300 calories an hour. Raking the lawn is an excellent upper body workout and picking up leaves and weeding are good opportunities to get some squats into your day.

 Gardening calorie counter  (based on 30 minutes activity by a 75kg person)
Chopping wood 240
mowing the lawn with a push mower 240
gardening with heavy power tools 240
general gardening  200
laying turf 200
digging 200
clearing land  200
weeding 180
planting trees


planting seeds/seedlings  180
bagging leaves 160



watering lawn/garden



Turn a chore into a fitness session

Housework is a great way to add more calories burned in a day, vacuuming, running up and down stairs, cleaning windows - it all adds up, especially if you put on some great music and really put a lot of effort in. Choose a comfortable, snug fitting watchstrap with a stainless steel buckle to keep your fitness watch safe and tracking your activities. 

 Housework calorie counter -  based on 30 minutes activity by a 75kg person




    Vacuuming 110
    Ironing  75
    Mopping 65
    Making beds


    Washing dishes 80


     Lots of great exercises to up your fitness, without going anywhere near a gym! 


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