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Replacement straps and other healthy habits

Replacement watch straps can brighten up your fitness watch and make it look better than new. It can't solve all your bad health habits but the first 

Three bad habits of using fitness monitors

1. Upgrading your fitness monitor.

It's not necessary to change your fitness watch for the latest version every year. Why? Save your pounds and spend your pennies on a range of new straps! Seriously though, if you have an older Fitbit Charge 2 that really does everything you require from a fitness monitor, charges up well and works then why upgrade? 

Replacement watchstraps make your fitness monitor look like new

Unless you want to upgrade to a new model with new functions and features, just revitalise it with a bright and clean, new wristband. We have a great range of colours and styles so you can splash out and update your look.

2. Eat when your Fitbit tells you to

Wait, what? Garmins, Fitbits, Apple watches are great and their advances in technology improve year on year, but why be told when the optimum time for eating is, when your body literally tells you that you are hungry! Best way to burn fat and stay healthy is to eat when hunger strikes, that's when your body is telling you it's ready for food and will burn it the most efficiently. It's worth bearing in mind that thirst can be confused for hunger so make sure you're properly hydrated.

3. Choosing an exercise that burns the most calories

Running is the daddy of all exercise when it comes to calories. But the best approach is to do exercise that you love doing, being it a dance class, cycling on a summer evening or swimming on your lunchbreak. Nothing will keep you on the right track than really enjoying your workouts losing track of the time and going an extra mile, one more tune or a few more laps, rather than pounding the treadmill (unless that's what you love!), just because your Garmin told you to. 

If your current wristband shows any signs of wear, or the clasp feels even the tiniest bit slack, it could be a good time to get a replacement watch strap, stop your Fitbit from flying off your arm during a highly intense dance workout! 

A healthy approach to fitness can make the world of difference to achieving your goals. 


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