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Replacement straps for the 5 most underrated Fitness Watches

We are constantly adding new watch straps and replacement wristbands for many fitness trackers and monitors. 

If you are looking for a new fitness monitor then we feel these offerings from Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin are well worth a look, and we also stock replacement watch straps to get your new toy coordinating with your style from the get go. 

The most important aspects for your fitness monitor are how it fits in with your lifestyle and your budget.

You can pay up to £400 for a tracker/smart watch, so it can integrate seamlessly into your routine. You might not need to make calls with it, so you can put some to one side and look at the many functions of other great monitors. 


The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 SM-R220

A fabulous fitness tracker that is perfect for you if you have a Galaxy phone, not essential but certainly should be on your radar as an affordable and fully funcitonal fitness tracker. Nice slender screen which is easy to read due to the AMOLED display, has useful tracking functions, tracks over 90 different exercises and is water resistant to 50m, making it wearable for swimming and in the shower. 

All round an excellent budget tracker at around £50. 

Take a look at our great range of Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 watchstraps by clicking this link. 


Samsung Gear Fit 2 

A brilliant smart watch from Samsung that comes with all your essential functions, and GPS AND an automatic activity detector, so you don't have to do anything other than have your best workout! 

Super budget friendly at an amazing £60 and you can make sure you look the biz with a great range of replacement watch straps - match your look, your gym gear or your office outfits to keep your tracker tracking all day long. 

Check out the different styles for your Samsung Gear Fit 2 watchstraps by clicking this link. 



Fitbit Ace 3  

One for the little ones! Basic introduction fitness tracker for your children. Get their health and fitness off to a good start. Essential functions, great price and a smaller monitor for their smaller wrists. 

The Fitbit Ace 3 does require your Fitbit account to set the fitness tracker up to start with. 

Once done the Ace 3 uses a three-axis accelerometer to track steps, exercise minutes and also monitors sleep. Fitness activities can be added manually for further tracking. 

Check out the different styles for their Fitbit Ace 4 replacement straps by clicking this link. 


 Fitbit Inspire 2 

With 10 days battery and a range of functions, the Inspire 2 is a fantastic introductory fitness monitor. Whether minimal technology is your bag, or you want to dip your toe in the realm of fitness trackers, before taking the plunge with a smart watch, the Inspire 2 is the perfect choice. 

A slender fitness monitor that works perfectly without a connection the calorie counter, step tracker and sleep monitor with SmartTrack to automatically detect your workout, be it in the gym or for a swim. All for the affordable price of £90.

Before you buy, see what styles are available for your Fitbit Inspire 2 watchstraps by clicking this link. 



Garmin Fenix 6  

One for the big budgets, the Fenix 6 is a very highly rated smart watch, totally capable or keeping your fitness totally on track, and as you would imagine, offers many features for the top end price tag.

Multi sport, incredible list of functions and a real rugged look with multi display faces to suit the usage. This is an all singing, all dancing smart watch that comes in at a very healthy £329. 

Got or getting the Fenix 6? Take a look through the replacement Garmin Fenix 6 watchstraps by clicking this link. 

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