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Which Fitbit do I have? Fitbit Models- The complete guide

How do I know which Fitbit I have? 

Fitbit devices are still rated among the most popular wearable tech devices on the market today. They allow users the ability to keep track of and monitor different aspects of their health, from their activity levels and sports performance all the way to keeping tabs on their night’s sleep. With Fitbit always offering such a good range of Fitbit models it has always been tricky to know your Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Flex from your Fitbit Alta but with the Fitbit Versa now offering four different versions, the Fitbit Inspire offering three versions it can all get very overwhelming.

How do I know which Fitbit I have


That's before we even get started on the new Fitbit models entering the game such as the Fitbit Luxe and the Fitbit Sense. Since the release of Fitbit’s first ever model way back in 2009, each version that the tech giant has released has its own unique set of features and capabilities, that is why it is really important to understand which Fitbit model you own (or are thinking f owning) in order to make the most out of your device.  

Knowing which model of Fitbit you have is especially important when it comes to downloading the newest software updates or troubleshooting any issues you may experience with your favourite fitness watch. Additionally, if you ever need to make contact customer services for assistance with your Fitbit, it will be much easier for you to gain the best possible assistance once you know which model you have. In addition to ensuring that you have all the latest software updates and can get support from customer service, you need, knowing the specific model of Fitbit watch you have can also come in handy if you're ever looking to buy new accessories such as Fitbit Wrist Straps or Fitbit Charger cables for your device. At Fitstraps we design every single individual strap in order to connect with each individual device seamlessly, with each model requiring different connection points for replacement bands and for charging cables. For example, the connection points on a Fitbit Charge Fitbit watch would not be at all compatible with any of the Fitbit Versa Fitness trackers, that is why knowing which Fitbit model and Fitbit model name you own will allow you to get the very most from your Fitbit Tracker. Different models have different watch strap fittings and charger points, so it's important to make sure that you know exactly what models of accessories you are shopping for before you begin to browse the Fitstraps site. All of these reasons emphasize why it's essential to know which model of Fitbit you have. When being aware of the Fitbit model you own, will help you stay up to date with software updates, get the best customer service when you need it, and make sure that any accessories you buy are fully compatible with your device. So, if you're a full-on Fitbit fanatic, always take some time to research which model of Fitbit you have so that you can make the very most out of your fitness watch.

What model is my Fitbit

How do I find out what Fitbit model I have? 

As proud servers to the Fitness Watch community here in the UK for many years now, a common issue that we regularly come across is owners of Fitbit devices wanting to upgrade the style of their Fitbit wristband, but don't know which model it is that they actually own. If this sounds like you, then do not worry, you are not alone with this issue. Many users who own a Fitbit device can find it difficult to determine the exact model they have, due to the fact with all the excitement of getting their new device up and running, throw away the box it came in and have nothing to refer back to. In this post, we are looking to provide some short, snappy and helpful tips on how to identify your Fitbit model and model number, so that you can better understand its features, capabilities and suitable replacement accessories. We will also look to provide some valuable info on all of the different models of Fitbit devices available so that you can make an informed decision on which model of device you own.  

Identifying your Fitbit model can be a relatively simple process for some users, so we’re going to start with the easiest methods first and work through them, if each step is no help to you simply move to the next and hopefully by the end of this post we’ll have a solution for you.  

First things first, this may seem like a very obvious step but we have to state it to begin with, if you still have the box it came in stashed away in a dusty drawer or in the loft somewhere, see if you can find it as all the information you need will be on there. This should have all the information you need regarding the Fitbit model,

The Fitbit model number can help you tell which Fitbit model you have. If your organisation in your house is anything like mine you have had no luck finding the box, so let’s move on to the next steps below and find out which model of Fitbit you have. 

How do I find out what Fitbit I have  

How to identify which model of Fitbit tracker I have, if I don’t have the Fitbit device box still? 

Identifying a Fitbit device without the original box to hand can be a slight challenge, however, we are here to help and fortunately, there are a few ways to tell which model and hopefully which Model number you have, whether you have one of the classical older Fitbit devices or something a little more up to date. Follow the below steps on how to identify your Fitbit model and Model number if you don't have the box and you will never be confused about the model of your Fitbit ever again:  

  1. Let’s examine the outside of your Fitbit device thoroughly.

 Does your device have a metallic or plastic body at the back? Check the sides for a button on the side of the face, or is it a touchscreen device? Check the strap of your device and see if there is any text specifying which model you own. The Fitbit model number can always be listed on the back of the Fitbit device itself, usually in very fine small print. This often wears off after large amounts of use so alternatively if this is not an option let's try the next step.  

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and properly installed the Fitbit app as we can find it there.  

Once you have downloaded the Fitbit app, log into your Fitbit account and you can look at the settings menu the information about the model number of your device should be displayed here. 

To get going with this, firstly open up the Fitbit app on your phone and select the “Account” option at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. After this tap on “Device Settings” and move to the “Settings & Privacy” section. Here, all the information you will need regarding the make and model of your Fitbit device will be displayed. Another way to do this is to go into your Fitbit account and go to the “Account Overview” section within your Fitbit app, at the top of this page, you'll see an image of your Fitbit device and its name and Model number should be displayed underneath. Once we have the model number, you can do a quick Google search which should quickly display the full details of the model that you own and all the details we need regarding your specific model. Another way to go about this is to connect your device with your phone and get enable push notifications when you have updates, once this is connected, the Fitbit app will tell us which specific model and Model number of Fitbit device you own.  

  1. Check the Fitbit website for your device's make and model number.  

If all these action points have failed you up until now, jump onto Fitbit's product page, scroll across to 'Support' and then select 'Identify Your Fitbit'. You can then enter your model number here and this will display all the information you need regarding the type of Fitbit device you have.   

  1. Contact the Fitbit customer service team.  

If everything else hasn’t worked for you up until now, we would advise making contact with the customer service department at Fitbit, this can either be done via a phone call or using the online chat on their website. From there they should be able to guide you and help you identify which device you have without the box or your Model number.  

Armed and ready with these quick and easily actionable tips, you should now be able to easily identify which model of Fitbit you own even if you threw away the original box. Being aware of your Fitbit device's make and model can help you get the most out of your Fitbit, in terms of functionality and style as well as provide you with more simple access to helpful support information. Once you've found out which model of Fitbit you have, you're ready to start using all the features that it has to offer and re-styling your Fitbit Watch Strap, should you so wish. The Fitbit app is there to guide you all the way through the setup process and will also give you some really handy tips on how to maximize the potential of whichever model you have. No matter which model of Fitbit you have, the Fitbit app can help you get the very best out of your device. So why not start tracking your health and Fitness stats in style today, keeping tabs on your progress and enjoying it as you do so?

 Which Fitbit do I have

Ultimately, being aware of the specific model of Fitbit trackers you own is a valuable asset to have when it comes to maximizing your results and the enjoyment of your device. It allows you to properly care for your device, customise it to make it truly your own and be fully aware of which features it offers. Hopefully, by using the quick tips described in this post, you can easily determine the specific type of Fitbit device you have so that you can make informed decisions regarding its use and maintenance going forward. With this knowledge, you can take full advantage of all the features on your Fitbit device and get the most out of it for many years to come. 


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