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Mint Leather Strap for Fitbit Versa

Mint Leather Strap for Fitbit Versa

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If you are in search of a truly classic look for your favourite Fitbit Versa smartwatch, so you can get it ready to go for smart occasions and evening attire? Whether you need to get your watch strap smartened up for work attire or a sophisticated dinner down town with your partner, one of these leather replacement watch Straps will always be the perfect selection. Our premium grade leather watch straps are not just amazing value but they will also give you the chance to transform the look of your Fitbit smartwatch and make it appear as a brand new model every time you wear it.

Switching over to your premium style new look really is the most simple process for Fitbit Versa lovers everywhere. The replacement watch bands are extremely simple to attach and change between looks. Always giving you the option to switch over to your brand new look and back over again in no time at all. Making them the very best option for any style focused Fitbit Versa lovers who are looking to add a smarter new style to their collection. 

The slick leather Fitbit Versa Straps are not just designed with style in mind though. The stainless steel metal buckles that come as standard on all of the leather straps are so strong and secure you will never again worry about your Fitbit Versa falling away from your wrist as you move around. Your Versa smartwatch was a large investment so let’s make sure you keep it well protected no matter how active your day gets.


This Mint Leather Versa Straps are fully adjustable in length and are designed to fit small and large wrist sizes (Wrists sizes 5.5"-8.1")  

Please Note these watch straps are interchangeable and will also fit the Fitbit Versa 2 and Versa Lite, however they will NOT be compatible with the Versa 3, 4 or any other version of Fitbit device