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Space Style Scrunchie Strap for Fitbit Charge 3

Space Style Scrunchie Strap for Fitbit Charge 3

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Buy 2 Straps Get 25% OFF- Use Code - BUY-TWO-25
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Treat yourself and your Fitbt Charge 3 device to one of the slickest new styles on the market with one of these fresh patterned material scrunchie style wrist bands. Our new scrunchie wristbands are the perfect way to give your charge 3 the most original look you are likely to see, every single time you clip it onto your wrist. 

Rotate your style but never risk your Charge 3 Device

Change over the style of your Charge 3 in seconds and match with your favourite outfits. Don’t be fooled by the straps funky looks though, it has also been designed to be sturdy, strong and to keep your Fitbit Charge 3 well protected at all times. The patterned scrunchie wrist straps have been hand made with premium quality materials allowing your new look to last as long as possible.  The strongly made steel buckle connectors will protect your Fitbit Charge 3 keeping it safe and secure. The stainless steel buckles will ensure you never worry about your Charge 3 falling  off because you paid a lot for your Fitbit so make sure you keep it safe at all times.

Space Style Scrunchie Patterned Charge 3 Wristband Sizing

The Scrunchie Style Wristbands are made from stretchy materials and therefore can be easily adjusted to fit a large range of wrist sizes, suitable for wrist sizes  between13.5cm – 20cm

Please note that our scrunchie Fitbit Charge 3 Straps are fully interchangeable and will also fit with the Fitbit Charge 4 trackers- however they will NOT be compatible with any other Fitbit device.