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Strap for COROS Apex Pro/ Apex 46mm

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These replacement silicone watch straps allow you to keep your Coros Apex Watch looking fresh from the box 365 days of the year. Whether you are out on a casual evening run or when hitting the race you’ve been training for months, these straps will make certain your COROS running watch will always be looking great. 



The replacement watch strap bands are made from premium quality silicone materials, ensuring that your Coros Apex watch is looking as good as you are 365 days of the year.

Never again need you worry about your Coros watch falling off your wrist whilst running, with the custom made stainless steel buckles locking system. You can always be confident that your Coros Running watch is always safe and secure whatever you are up to.


Switch up your Coros Apex watch straps in double quick time

Installing the Coros Apex Watch Straps is now a truly effortless process. Allowing you to  install swiftly and switch up the style and up the look of your running watch whatever you are doing.  


The COROS Apex watch straps sizes are –

Small= wrist sizes 14cm -18cm and Large = wrist sizes 18cm-22cm. Make sure the correct size is selected for maximum comfort.

Please note these replacement watch straps are only compatible with the below models-

COROS Apex Pro