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A Closer Look at our Apple Watch Straps

If you are looking for a new strap or two for your Apple watch, you will be pleased to see our range is growing. We have some practical watch straps for working out, soft and comfortable as well as sophisticated styles that wouldn't look amiss teamed with business attire in a meeting. 

With the ability ot change the Apple watch face through the watch App, you can completely coordinate your style of replacement strap with your outfit and your watch face. Offering you incredible levels of flexibility over your look, so you can completely change the style and colour. 

Patterned Apple strap - sunflowers

Some of our ranges have crossovers, if we have a style in Apple watch strap we may well have the same in Fitbit Charge 5. Such as the Apple scrunchie strap, great if your friend loves the one you have so you can get them one too! 

Why choose our Apple Watch Straps?

Our quality speaks for itself, the high standard of materials used and the clasps and buckles are reliable and finished to perfection, polished edges for comfort and shine. Stitching is tough and the metals smooth and tactile in your fingers. 


Metallic gold Apple watchstrap

 Glitter Watch straps for the Apple Watch

For a great way to jazz up an evening out - make your Apple watch sparkle with a glitter strap - available in a fabulous range of colours from pink to teal, set in a comfortable silicone strap, this is the easiest way to glam up your Apple watch. 

Black glitter strap for the apple watch
The Apple Watch strap - glitter in black
Silver glitter Apple watch
The Apple watch strap - glitter in silver

Nylon Apple Watch Strap

Comfort, style and a great range of colours to mix and match with any outfit, any style. Simple and secure, this watch strap looks great coupled with casual or smart, gym or evening - textured surface creates the appearance of textile which you have the easy to clean, strong silicone to keep your Apple watch on your wrist. 

Light blue fabric watch strap for the Apple watch

The patterned watch strap for the Apple watch

The sunflower watch strap pictured above is bright, bold and beautiful, make a statement and choose the straps that show the world who you are, click here to see the range of patterns available. From paw print to day of the dead, the patterned straps for Apple Watches can be an easy way to express yourself, they are so easy to change you can have a selection to suit your mood.  

Crocodile strap for the Apple Watch

We totally love this style - so very classic and adds an air of sophistication to your Apple watch, and what a super range of colours, stepping out of the usual hues for bright primaries to punch to your outfit. Coordinate with accessories to create visual impact - perfect for tonal dressing, so on trend as we head to the new year. 
Crocodile strap for the Apple watch - blue
Available in black, brown, blue, red and white - take advantage of our great prices and offer to make sure you get the look whatever colour you pick for your night out. 
Brown crocodile watch for Apple watch
The brown is perfect to wear with those favourite boots and belt without needing to get the colours exactly spot on, and without buying new accessories. Follow this season's style and wear with cream or other neutral shades for a natural, coordinating and contrasting look. 
It goes without saying that the crocodile strap is equally at home wherever you go, classic looks with a bit of a twist on the simpler leather strap. 
Click here to view the other colours available in the Crocodile Strap style Apple watch
Remember to check back often as we often add new straps for the Apple watch to our collection!





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