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Apple watch straps

Apple Watch fan? We have some great styles for your Apple Watch, all new straps are compatible with all Apple Watches, from 1 through to 8 and include SE and Ultra. 

We love the slimline leather Apple Watch strap, elegant and refined, it sits perfectly on the slimmest of wrists and still looks great on larger wrists too. Available in black, navy, green, silver, white, rose gold and for an extra special night out, shiny rose gold. Gorgeous with any outfit and sure to set your evening wear off with that extra bit of glamour. 

What's good about leather Apple Watch straps? 

Leather is a natural material, it allows your skin to breathe, naturally water resistant and is tough, and hard wearing whilst looking incredibly smart and sophisticated. The range of colours will be sure to please, in classic colours such as navy and black, along with very attractive silver and rose gold. 

We can't rate leather straps highly enough, they last well and with our exceptionally priced, well made and high quality Apple Watch straps you will be very pleased with your purchases. 

Different style leather watch straps for Apple Watches

In case you missed them, we also have other styles of Apple Watch leather straps: 

Crocodile - a great textured watch strap in a great range of colours, red, blue, black and brown - perfectly unique style of strap that really sets off business wear or an evening outfit. 

Crocodile Leather Apple Watch Strap in Red

Looking to add something more robust to your Apple Watch wardrobe? The wide, chunky leather strap for the Apple Watch may be just what you are looking for, simple gorgeous in dark brown, the warm watch straps adds timeless sophistication to your fitness device.

Dark brown leather strap for the Apple Watch

How to care for Apple Watch leather straps

Wash regularly with a non-detergent cleanser, allow to dry thoroughly - this is key.

Dry the watch strap out so that no moisture remains in the straps as this can cause issues. Don't want to miss out on vital steps and stats? Quick change for one of your other straps, cool, fresh and takes only seconds. 

Once dry the level of protection against skin irritation improves considerably, and the effect on your straps is all positive too, helping to make them last longer. 

Unfortunately silicone, for all it's great colours and uses, keeps moisture trapped underneath and this is where problems start. Not that you should avoid silicone, not at all - just be mindful that a little more care is required than leather.

Not just for your silicone strap itself, your skin is at risk from irritation and problems if moisture is retained for longer periods of time. So even if you don't have time or the facilities to wash it, at the very least change the strap, change the position and give your skin a break.

The range of use, colours and deisgns, comfort and flexibility makes Apple Watch silicone straps incredibly versatile and an excellent way to affordable mix and match with any outfit that you choose, they are fun and great for swimming, working out down the gym or running around your local park.  

Not just super, bold, bright block colour sillicone straps, check out our v funky, v unusual Apple Watch styles, such as the Black Sunflowers Apple strap - gorgeous and unique - just like you! 

Sunflowers silicone Watch Strap for Apple Watch


For the whole range of Apple Watch straps, please look here in the first instance, we add new styles often so do check back to see what is new! If you're signed up to our newsletter, you will get mail when new styles and designs are added so do make sure you're on our mailing list for latest offers, deals and new product alerts.



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