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Apple Watch straps make perfect Christmas gifts

Not just for Christmas, replacement watch straps for Apple Watches make a perfect gift for someone special. With all the colours and styles, it's just not possible to have too many straps to change into! 

Change the face on the Apple watch and match the strap to suit it. A completely new look to wear daily or for special occasions, it's like getting a brand new fitness monitor/smart watch every time. 

Replacement straps make the most perfect gift for lots of reasons, they are excellent quality and come in at a great price - mix and match store wide for even better value for a quality that does not compromise. 

Small packet, big gift

They don't weigh much so can be posted to someone for a small price - Apple watch straps can fit in a small packet so arrive on your friend or family member's doormat with no missed deliveries. 

Apple Watch Strap sweet shop! 

We love looking through all the designs and colours, picking out something new to match a new top or our new favourite colour. When you fall in love with a new colour you want to see it everywhere, play around with coordinating with contrasting hues or tonal dressing, going with one colour but the tones don't quite match is such an easy way to impress visually on a night out. 

An Apple Watch Strap for you, a Fitbit Luxe strap for me

So whether you want to gift a new Apple strap to your best mate, or want to spend your Christmas money on a new Apple strap to go with your New Year gym gear, take a look through our replacement straps - find the make and/or model and create a fabulous wardrobe just for your Apple Watch. We have an ever increasing range of Apple Watch Straps, click here to view them. 

Most fitness monitors and smart watches are so easy to change the straps, you'll just love the fresh new look on your wrist. Apple Watch straps are one of the easy straps to replace. 

Take a look at our post on how to change the Apple watch strap - if you haven't tried it, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

How to care for your Apple Watch Strap

We recommend taking great care of your watch straps, mainly so you keep building up your collection, it's like a mini wardrobe to accessorise with outfits or to express yourself. If you keep them clean and store the right when not in use, you can keep them looking tip top ready for wear. We have put together a short post about how to care for your Apple Watch, please click here to see some great tips on caring for your replacement Apple Watch Straps, not just how to care for the Apple straps but it is an ultimate guide so also includes handy advice and how-tos

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