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Not just straps, we also sell screen protectors!

Along with exceptional quality straps for Apple Watches, Fitbits, Garmin and many other fitness watches and health monitors, we stock screen protectors too. We definifely recommend getting a screen protector or two. Not only does it stop any serious damage to your screen if dropped or scraped against something, it keeps the screen beautifully clear and just like new - it is so easy to change, exactly as for your mobile phone.

Any force exerted to the screen through a drop or from connecting with a hard surface is dispersed and results in ddamage to the protector rather that the screen itself. 

You can then, simply and affordably, change the protector and have your Fitbit or Garmin looking brand new.

Two types of screen protector

For extra style, you can choose either a plain, clear screen protector, or one with an edge or frame. With different colours available (depending on make and model) you can colour match your watch to your favourite watchstrap. 

Rose Gold Fitbit Blaze Screen Protector
Rose gold Metallic Fitbit Blaze Screen Protector

What happens if I don't change my screen protector when it cracks? 

The screen absorbs energy from a fall or collison, meaning the protector itself usually cracks with the force that is transferred. This can greatly impact the screen resolution and the functionality.


screen protectors

Is your watch behaving badly?

If you don't have a very obvious break to the screen, it might be that the first thing you notice is that the responsivity of your fitness watch reduces, it may be that you cannot navigate the functions as you would normally do, even slight damage can cause weird things to happen, odd behaviour that makes using your fitness monitor difficult. 

Luckily we also stock a great range of screen protectors for you to add to your order - it's always worth having a spare one or two just in case, you can quickly put right any issues or obvious damage. 

We always keep some spares for our own fitness watches, it's much easier to get several in and just forget about them until you need them.. Add them to your order to make the most of any shipping discounts or special offers, save yourself time, hassle and best of all - cash!

Pop an extra charger on there to really get quids in when you order and you can be well prepared for anything! 

Which screen protectors do we stock? 

Fitbit Screen Protectors, Garmin Screen Protectors and some Samsung screen protectors

With a variety of coloured frame protectors - as for the Fitbit Blaze, this is easy to apply and looks totally fabulous - you will be pleased with how much of a difference it makes to operating the screen and freshens up the look, making your Fitbit look and behave like new. 

Click here to see the Fitness Watch ScreenProtectors we stock. 


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