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Changing the Fitbit Luxe Straps

Change them into something you really love wearing! We have a wide range of straps for the Fitbit Luxe, from eye catching elastic straps to funky jelly straps, pick a style to match your mood.


Fitbit Luxe Jelly Strap

Like the beautiful dark blue strap that captures summer evenings and showy flowers, without being overly floral - this one is a real favourite here in the office. 

Fitbit Luxe Leath Strap in Floral Blue

Maybe high contrast isn't your thing, this classic leather strap comes in many colours from modern to traditional. With the smooth stainless steel buckle and clasp, easy fit connectors and you can see for yourself it's impeccable stitching looks the business in any of the available colours and styles - changing your Fitbit Luxe to a smart and sophisticated time piece on your wrist. 

Easy to fit Fitbit Luxe Straps

So you've found a new watchstrap for your Luxe, it is so easy to fit, it takes seconds to change your look entirely. In case you're a bit apprehensive about doing it, we have put together some steps to show you just how simple it it. 

1. Have your new strap ready to attach. To remove the current Fitbit strap, turn it over so you are looking at the rear of the Fitibt. 

There you will be able to access the clips that hold the new strap in place. 

To remove the strap from one side of the Luxe, use your nail to draw the connector away from the Fitbit Luxe body, in the direction of the watch strap. 

The clip will move out, releasing the connection to the strap so it can be easily removed. 

Once removed, repeat for the other half of the Luxe strap. 

Now your Fitbit Luxe body is completely free of the watch strap, take the new one you would like to fit - here we will be putting the blue leather strap on. 

Even easier than removing the old strap, Fitbit have made it so easy to change the straps you can do it on the move! 

Simply line the new strap up with your Luxe and clip into place. 

The only point you have to take care about is to make sure the strap is the right way round, so the shape of the connector lines up with the socket exactly. Just remember, the back of the fitstrap Luxe lines up with the back of the strap. 


Then click into place, the clip will sit back in it's locked position and you can pull gently on the strap to check it's properly seated. 

That's it, all done! Enjoy your new look Fitbit Luxe. One of the finer pleasures in life is having coordinating accessories for a great look.

Click here to view the current range of styles and colours for Fitbit Luxe replacement straps, remember we add more regularly so check back for new looks often. 


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