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Fitbit Charge 4 Vs the Charge 3 Vs the Charge 2 Vs the Charge

So it's arrived and rated one of the best fitness trackers on the market, we take a look at the Charge's evolution and help you decide which model suits you! 

The obvious improvements are in the size of the screen and the increasing functionality. One constant in the Fitbit Charge is the release price - $130 for the latest model. 

the Fitbit Charge The Fitbit Charge - original

Released all the way back in 2014, the basic model tracks step, sleep, flights of stairs and distance. 

Hot on the heals of the Charge 1 was the Charge HR. 

You can still buy this model for around £25, however, we do not stock the replacement straps for this particular Fitbit Charge model.



The Fitbit Charge 2






The Fitbit Charge 3 (black strap)The next generation fitness tracker, looking more like the models of today, sporting a larger screen and multisport mode, enabling users to track a variety of activities.  Only water resitant, the Charge 2 was not able to monitor swimming activity.

We have some great colours and style replacement wriststraps, from sophisticated stainless steel, to fun, bold patterns. 


Follow this link to view our range of Charge 2 replacement wristbands.



The Fitbit Charge 3




Charge 3 replacement watch strap in grey

Heart rate sensor, oxygen saturation sensor which is not yet operational and an improved sleep tracker. 

The Charge 3 had one big improvement, waterproof to 50m, this meant the monitor could now be used whilst swimming.

Apps are not available on the wristband, and the Charge 3 was only able to use GPS and Fitbit Pay via a smartphone. 

Charge 3 replacement wristbands come in classic, stylish designs. Please click here to view the range of watchstraps for the Charge 3.

The Fitbit Charge 4

Replacement wristband for the Charge 4The latest fitness tracker in the Charge range, newly released, offers all it's predecessors functionality with some nice new ones - inbuilt GPS and Fitbit Pay.  Comes with a material-esque wristband so you may want to make sure you have a nice new set of replacement straps to go with your nice new Fitbit Charge 4, check out our new additions to the Charge range by watching this space! 










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