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Fitbit Luxe Band Keeps Falling Off

We have seen that many Luxe users online have been unhappy that after changing the strap, the Fitbit Luxe strap is more prone than other Fitbits to come off the wrist.

We tried out the Fitbit Luxe: a big hit in the office, it's an inconspicuous sized watch with a sleek narrow watchtrap, to sit nicely on the wrist, great for either male or female users - see our post here on buying the Fitbit Luxe .

We tested the Fitbit Luxe against the Fitbit Sense 2 and it was pretty good for a much smaller fitness monitor with less functionality and a smaller price tag, read the functionality comparison here.

Is your Luxe strap sitting comfortably?  

We have to try out the different watchstraps to make sure they're of excellent quality and do what they are supposed to! We found that when replacing the watchstrap on the Luxe, it did need a good push to get the fixing on the watch strap to fully insert into the connector. Being used to various different types of fitness monitors, we automatically listen out for that satisfying click whenever changing the straps on the Apple watch, or changing the silicone watchstrap on the Fitbit Charge 5 for a scrunchie strap. It doesn't matter which one we've swapped the straps on - always listen and feel for that reassuring click that lets you know you have correctly inserted the connectors on the new strap into position. 

The Luxe falls off my wrist! 

We weren't at all surprised to find out that quite a few people were experiencing their Fitbit Luxe strap falling off their wrist, it didn't matter where it was bought from and even happened when fitting the official strap that comes with the Fitbit Luxe. The Luxe is incredibly good value and a relatively low price, but that doesn't mean you want to keep replacing it because it's fallen off whilst out and about, giving 'cheap at twice the price' a new meaning.

Is the new strap in position?

Our advice to anyone changing the straps on their fitness monitor or smart watch is to double check that they have properly seated the new strap (or old one) into position. It doesn't take much to be absolutely sure that the watchstrap is secure - the watch straps that come with the Apple Watch slide into position but it is also very easy to fail to seat the new strap correctly. if missed, over a short space of time the strap can work it's way off the Apple watch and mean it may slip off, it may not be noticed and the Apple Watch would then be lost. 

Is the Luxe strap connected properly?
In the image above, you can see how the  Fitbit Luxe strap on the left hand side is not seated correctly. It isn't sitting inline with the metal edging on the Fitbit Luxe. 

What's with the Luxe falling off my wrist? 

When changing the watch strap on the Fitbit Luxe, it was not properly clicking into place on the first attempt, and it happened a lot more than with any other fitness monitor we've tested. Just requiring a little more of a push to hear that satisfying click that lets you know the watchstrap is safe and secure - and not going anywhere without you. It's just got a slightly deeper connector, this means you have to give it a firmer push together than other fitness watches, for example, the Versa. 

So remember, feel and listen for the click that lets you know, your Fitbit Luxe strap is securely fastened and it won't come off your wrist. 

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