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How to change the Fitbit Sense strap

With low priced Fitbit Sense 2 straps from Fitstraps you can very easily change your look instantly!

You will be pleasantly surprised just how easy it is to change the strap on your Sense 2 to match your outfit or accessories. Choosing the colours or style is the most difficult part! 

The straps for Fitbit Sense and Versa are all interchangeable! So whether you upgrade or switch your Fitbit, you can keep the straps, building up a fabulous wardrobe. 

Step by Step: Changing the straps on your Sense 2 watch.

The change the strap on your Fitbit Sense follow the steps below. 

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Step 1: Choose your new Sense 2 strap! 

From patterns to block colour, soft comfy silicone to stainless steel - choose which strap will match your outfit or style.

This gold stainless steel strap is of excellent quality, the weight of it feels superb on your wrist - and certainly looks the business. For work or play, the range of colours can set off any style of outfit that you choose and can coordinate with your jewellry or other accessories. Available in black, gold, rose gold, and silver. The magnetic clasp is a joy and so easy to fit. 


Step 2: Remove the old Sense 2 strap

Turn the watch over and locate the release catches. Use your nail to draw the catch towards the strap. 

This releases the strap and you can pull it away from the Fitbit Sense 2. It doesn't require much pulling, if the clasp is released correctly, the old strap just comes away by itself. 
Locate the clasp releases on the Sense 2

Step 3: Give your Fitbit Sense 2 and old strap a clean! (optional)

Now is the perfect time to clean the strap and Fitbit Sense 2 (or Sense/Versa). We also need to replace the screen protector as this one is starting to look tired.

Click here to buy the screen protector.

Step 4: Remove your new Sense or Versa replacement strap from the packaging

If you do this gently without damaging the seal, you can store your straps in the packets to keep them clean and dry.

Step 5: Line up the Sense 2 body with the new strap 

Making sure you have the new strap up the right way. On the silicone straps it is easy to see the slight curve of the strap that fits the shape of your wrist. If it helps, have both parts of the connection next to each other, so you can see the shape of the slot and that of the end of the strap that fits in to it. 

Step 6: Click the strap into place

Then repeat for the opposite side of the Sense 2 - note the very clear snap as it successfully docks with the Fitbit Sense. 

Click the new Sense strap into place

Step 7: Check the strap is fully into position

Check the new strap is seated correctly in the slot by gently tugging on the strap. It will come away if not seated correctly. This is possibly one of the most important steps, so do make sure you do this. It can look like it's connected but unless you hear the very audible click, it is not in place. 

Step 8: Return your Fitbit Sense to your wrist!

Perfect for a workout, without getting your best strap all sweaty. Sweat contains salt and of course, water - both of which can make your natural material strap (such as leather) wear out faster than if it's kept dry and clean. 

Coming soon! A short video on replacing your Fitbit Sense 2 watchstrap. 

It's so easy to change your Fitbit Sense 2 strap and we have such a great range of colours and styles to suit your budget and favourite colours. 


Search for new Fitbit Sense straps

Don't forget you can use our search to find products really easily. For example, if you want to match up blue straps for your Fitbit Sense 2, search for 'pink Sense 2". 

Search box to find Fitbit straps

Click the magnifying glass icon in the top right - you will find this on every page! 

Then enter the search term:

Searching for pink Sense 2 straps

Click enter and ta-daa, all entries for pink Sense 2 straps are shown.

search for new fitbit sense 2 straps

Compatibility of Fitbit Sense 2 straps

If you have a Sense or a Versa, you probably already know, but if not - these Fitbit Fitness monitors all have the same fittings for the straps. So if you change your Sense for a Sense 2, or a Fitbit Versa, you can keep the same straps and just add more brilliant colours and designs for your Fitbit! 

Here's that link again, if you would like to see Fitbit Sense 2 straps, we do sell out but we stock up again fast, so do check back often to get the one you want at a price that is sure to please! Signing up to our newsletter can also keep you informed of new straps for the Sense 2 and other Fitbit fitness watches. 


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