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Looking after your Garmin replacement watchstraps

Our wristbands for Garmin fitness monitors are great value but you still want to get the maximum use out of them, keeping your favourite work watchstrap in top condition, or making sure your best Saturday night watchstraps lasts.

So here is a short guide on how to make sure your Garmin strap looks it's best and stays in peak condition to keep your Garmin securely on your wrist. 

Keep it clean

Don't let workout sweat stay on it for too long. The salt can cause problems for the integrity of the strap itself, and can cause issues with the clasp. 

keep your garmin watchstrap safe with rubber gloves

Mind while you clean

If you are doing housework, remove your Garmin - best practice for both your Garmin fitness monitor as well as your strap unless you have a screen protector and keep it protected with a pair of rubber gloves. 

Gently does it

Don't use any harsh chemicals to clean it! Keep it gentle yet affective with wipe over with a clean cloth and clean water.

Inspect it

Check it frequently for signs of wear. Weak points in the strap itself, loose links, misaligned clasp - anything that might indicate that something is starting to wear on it. 

Not too tight

Don't over tighten on your wrist, putting undue stress on the strap itself or the clasp. 

Not too hot!

Don't leave it anywhere it will be affected by extremes of temperature. Whilst it is on your wrist, it will be kept at a fairly constant temperature. 

Use an appropriate strap for the activity.

A waterproof strap for swimming, save the metal and leather for business meetings or nights out, not for high energy workouts or immersion in water.

Don't let it stay wet

If you get caught in the rain, or if your go swimming in it, make sure you take it off your wrist and dry out thoroughly, this not only cares for your strap, it can help prevent rashes or other reactions with your skin. 

Although these steps will take care of your watchstrap, another good idea is to have a spare strap to hand in case of any issues, so you can carry on monitoring your health!