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Make your fitness watch work better

Fitness watches are a great tool to your workouts, keeping a closer eye on your health statistics can reveal the areas you need to focus on, but there are a few ways you can make your watch more accurate. 

A lot of functions and a glittery watchstrap may look good but let's get your fitness tracker performing at it's best.

1. Get a strap that fits you perfectly,

A nice and snug fit next to the skin but not too tight that your blood flow is affected. Choosing a comfy strap means you are less likely to keep adjusting whilst you workout too. This may take some trial and error, all straps are made with the clasp holes in different places so the fit will differ. If you are running, a more snug fit is required. 

By having a selection of watchstraps you can ensure that oyu have the right watchstrap for the activity. 

2. Calibration - that's what you need.

There are lots of ways you can make sure your fitness tracker is as accurate as possible. Possibly the most important steps you can take is to get it calibrated to your height, weight, stride length.

You can also walk a known distance and see how the pedometer fares against a true reading. No fitness watch is going to be 100% accurate but knowing the margin of error can help you determine the true reading. 

Likewise calibrating the readouts on your fitness watch can give you a great idea of how accurate all the functions are. Old fashioned pulse monitors - i.e your finger and a stopwatch can give you an accurate measurement of your pulse rate. 

3. Keep it clean

Most functions are improved by removing any grease or sweat from the back of the fitness tracker and your watchstrap, a good firm contact with your skin will make any readings more accurate. 

4. Check out all the functions on your fitness watch

Maybe you have HIIT functions that can help you with your fitness goals, interval training is a great way to improve your fitness in less time. Only embark on HIIT if your doctor says it's ok - it is intense and not suited for everyone.  

So take a good look through the manual that you got with your fitness watch.

5. Sleep tracking

It can be hard to stick to good sleep patterns, but as important as exercise are rest days, and sleep is so very necessary for recovery. 

6. Keep wearing your fitness tracker!

The more you wear it, the better your overall health tracking will be, we can help you with that, like a pair of chilled trainers on a hot day, a clean and fresh fitness watchstrap can make wearing your tracker so much more bearable. Pick different materials when buying a replacement watchstrap to give your skin a break as well as to change your look from gym to evening wear.  


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