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New Garmin Watch Strap Trends for Autumn

Replacement Garmin straps to coordinate your Garmin with the autumn/winter styles and colours. Heading into the final quarter of 2022 the big names in fashion are indicating bold colours, classic shades, elegance and plenty of glamour to express yourself. 

Ongoing fashion trends for Garmin watch straps

Some trends continue from the earlier past of the year. Blue is still big, tonal dressing and layers are fun ways to wear different textures together. Sportswear will continue to show itself outside of the gym and off the sportsfield, Bohemian styles and old trends from the 60s and 70s resurface with twists to make them more modern. 


Garmin BoHo watch strap styles

Elegant Garmin straps

Definitely high on the list of to-dos is elegance, whatever basic theme you want to shape to fit your style, you can make it stylish and sleek with long dresses, smart suits with fitted jackets, fringes, tassles and good quality accessories, feather boas to match your outfit and your Garmin in bold, eye catching colours. 

Garmin watch strap - bold pink

Colours for the autumn and winter are tipped to be bold and bright - marigold, purple, pink or neutral camel and black. We have plenty of those colours, take a look through the Garmin watch strap section to find your model of Garmin. 

Garmin watch straps are available in many styles to match accessories - this year is tipped to continue with the bold colours and earthy shades. Tonal dressing continues it's popularity and is best partnered with layers of different materials and textures for a coordinating look, without worrying about colours matching exactly.

Metallic watch straps

Stainless steel watchstrap for the Garmin

Instantly sophisticate any outfit through the addition for matching metallic accessories, choose the colour and carry on with buckles, buttons, and jewellry. 

 Dark blue, hot pink, earthy green, vibrant purples and marigold yellow, a warm orange/yellow . Any of these confident colours are perfect for picking out as an accent. You will find lots to choose from in our Garmin watch strap range, both in colours and styles. 

Garmin dark blue watch strap

2022 continues to be the year for sports clothing, tracksuits are evolving into more luxurious items of clothing and do go well with our superb quality silicone Garmin watch straps. 

We add new Garmin watch straps regularly, so check back to view new additions to our range 


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