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New wriststraps and chargers

Great new products for 2020, watchstraps and accessories

New replacement watchstraps

Not just new straps we also have some new fitness watches in our range  - take a look at the new glitter watchstrap for the Fitbit Charge 2.

Glitter Strap for Fitbit Charge 2
Jazz up your style with great additions to your party wardrobe - superb to bring a bit of sparkle to your workout or workwear.
Not just Fitbits, we are sure to see more varieties coming soon as wearers demand more unusual designs to match up to their clothes and styles. 

New fitness monitors

We have also added more fitness watch makes to our collection, and include replacement straps for the 
Another new make on our shelves is the Xiaomi Mi Band 3/4 Strap and we now have a TomTom wristband, the TomTom Touch Strap

Other new productsfor fitness monitors

You can't have too many chargers! 

We are now stocking chargers for fitness watches. Take advantage of our free postage when you spend over £25 by ordering a new charger along with your watchstraps. Chargers for the Fitbit: Alta, Blaze, Charge 2, Charge 3, Inspire and the Garmin: Fenix, Forerunner, 

Also for the Garmin we have a watch protector case, available for the Fenix and the Forerunner, the protector keeps your Garmin in top condition - protecting it from all the possible accidents, scrapes and grazes and keeps it looking like new.

Easy to fit and great insurance for your Garmin, available in great colours.

Garmin Watch Protector Case


Take a look through our products - we add new items regularly and it's worth checking to see what we have in store. 




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