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Newest Fitbit Straps hitting our shelves

Keep up to date with the latest new straps for Fitbit Watches! 

Great new styles and patterns to make your Fitbit look great and reflect your style and personality.

Replacement Fitbit Straps 

Replacement strap for the Fitbit Luxe


A totally new look for the Luxe, a resin strap in bright colours for a great new look. Comes in pearlescent colours: rainbow (pictured), silver, pink and leopard print - eye catching and fresh for 2022.

Straps for the Fitbit Charge 5

The newest Fitbit fitness monitor on the block, it makes sense that a large section of our new stock is for the Charge 5!

Block red, pink or black, rose pattern, leopard print, rainbow, and colourful stripes.  Very comfortable and snug against your skin, not too tight, not too loose - just a great strap for everyday wear.


Pattern Strap for Fitbit Charge 5 

Fitbit Straps - Patterned strap for the Charge 5

Beautiful, bright, bold and ready for spring - this is a great look for the Charge 5, making the most of the floral colours for brigthening up any outfit and even the dreariest of days! 


Fitbit Straps - Leather strap for the Charge 5
Super classic, the leather strap is such a complementary look to the ultra modern fitness monitors. The Charge 5 is no exception, it's slender face carries the natural style of the leather strap exceptionally well. 

Fitbit Straps - stainless steel strap for the Charge 5
For anyone who likes to dress up their fitness monitor for suitable wear to evening events or for business, a great secure fit that adds sophistication whilst you keep your health on track, for a more subtle elegance, see the Metal Strap for Fitbit Charge 5
Check out the post next month for our latest straps for other makes of fitness monitors. 


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