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Replacement straps for the Fitbit Sense

Now that the Fitbit Sense has hit the highstreet, we have a stock of new watchstraps on our shelves to add different looks and styles to match your day. 

The best way to maximise on your health monitor's functionality is to wear your Fitbit Sense all day, by replacing worn straps and finding colours and materials that suit your lifestyle and preferences, you can ensure comfort and 24hour monitoring.

Fitbit Sense - for wellness insights

With the focus on your wellness, the new Fitbit watch has a new section on relaxation and reducing stress. By being able to monitor the times your body reacts the most to outside influences, you are in a position to be able to adjust your daily habits to lower the cortisol levels. 

With a range of straps to keep your monitor comfortable all day, the easy change of watchstraps can keep up with your wardrobe changes. 

Replacement straps for your Sense

Metallic watchstraps

Metallic replacement rose gold Fitbit Watchstrap in rose gold

Simple weave look metal straps are simple and stylish, for a smarter look for your fitness monitor, the metal straps are pleasant to wear and make your Fitbit Sense look great at business meetings or interviews or whilst strutting your stuff on a night out. 

Available in black, silver, gold and rose gold.

Please click here to view the Fitbit Sense metallic replacement straps.

Leather straps

Replacement blue leather watchstrap for the Fitbit Sense

We like leather straps, very comfortable, secure an make your modern monitor feel like a traditional timepiece on your wrist. The colours available range from a traditional tan to a modern mint green with pale pink, dark blue, white, black and grey. 

Please click here to view the Fitbit Sense leather replacement straps.

Nylon straps

Fitbit Sense replacement watchstrap - green nylon strapGreat for sports, daily chores or for general everyday use. The canvas style nylon is strong and flexible for a casual look.

Available in black, grey, green and navy, the colours are perfect for everyday wear. 

Please click here to view the Fitbit Sense nylon replacement straps.


Stainless steel watchstraps

replacement black stainless steel watchstrap for the Fitbit Sense

Another classic watchstrap to totally change the look of your health monitor. Stylish in any of the colours, gold, rose gold, black and silver. 

Please click here to view the Fitbit Sense stainless steel replacement straps.

Fitbit Sense charger

Whether you've lost your charger or just want to have them conveniently placed around your home to save on carrying them about, our chargers are a great way to keep your monitor fully charged. 

Please click here to view the Fitbit Sense replacement charger.


Keep your new watchstrap in great condition and looking it's best, how you clean it depends on the material it is made from, if you are unsure please see our How to look after your fitwatch watchstraps post


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