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The best Fitbit yet? The New Fitbit Charge 5

An amalgamation of the most popular features from past fitness monitor incarnations, the Fitbit Charge 5 has an AMOLED display which is superbly easy to see even on the brightest of sunny days.

It's all touch screen - with the exception of the physical feature, the stress monitor also found on the Fitbit Sense - to perform a scan, you press the side buttons simultaneously. Apart from the EDA (electrodermal activity sensors) scan buttons, there is literally no more button pressing. 

The colour monitor is a first on a Charge and it comes with an easy to use interface where you raise your wrist or tap to activate the screen. It has a smoother, less pronounced shape and fits snugly against the wrist.

The font size is easy to read, you can swipe up to get to the main menu and the GPS is pretty good. 

Well worth looking through the user guide to pick up on shortcuts and to fully see what functions suit your practical useage of the new Charge 5. 

Replacement straps for the Fitbit Charge 5 

The standard wrist strap has been rated highly, but it still only comes with one so watch this space for our new range of watchstraps just for the Charge 5 - we will be adding more styles and colours to the range over the coming months to allow you to mix and match with your wardrobe and styles as you want to. 


Costing a bit more than earlier versions, the Charge 5 encompasses all that was good about it's predecessors but does drop a few of the useful extras such as Spotify. 

Although sporting a price more comparable to a smart watch than a fitness monitor, it does have a better screen, GPS and a sleeker design that sits more comfortably on your wrist. 



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