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The Fitbit Luxe - new watchstraps for a new Fitbit

With lots of Fitbit functions, the new Luxe is a Fitbit to venture more into the good looks and charm arena. 

With a sleek polished stainless steel framed face, slender font and high resolution, colour AMOLED display make it very easy on the eye.

Key features of the Fitbit Luxe

Heart rate monitor
Tracks Active Zone Minutes / steps / distance / calories / sleep
Smartphone notifications
Up to 5 days battery life
Water resistant to 50m

Straps and accessories for the Fitbit Luxe 

Our range of replacement straps for the Fitbit Luxe are an easy way to make your statement - from monochrome and colour patterns to classic and very stylish metallic straps, you will find the strap for you. Take a look below and click on the the links to see the whole range of colours for each replacement strap for the Fitbit Luxe. 

Silicone Strap

Our range of replacement straps include a soft silicone in bold colours - red, purple, black, light green, light blue, dark blue, grey and more.

leather strap 

Great colours, secure clasps make this leather strap an essential for your Fitbit wardrobe. From bright, bold orange to these fabulous new patterns. 

Click here to see the range of leather straps for the Fitbit Luxe 


Metal strap 

Classic metal strap in gold, black and silver with metallic connectors to keep your Fitbit luxe on your wrist. 

Click here to see the range of metal straps for the Fitbit Luxe 

Stainless steel strap

Gold, silver, black and rose gold options in this stainless steel watchstrap. Stainless steel buckle locking system for peace of mind. 

Click here to see the range of stainless steel straps for the Fitbit Luxe 

Pattern strap 

Zebra print, cheetah print, flowers, skulls & more, so many great new patterns to go with your stylish Fitbit Luxe.


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