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The most common complaints from fitness tracker/watch owners?

According to a report by Which? there were high numbers of complaints from owners of fitness trackers and watches, regarding their new fitness monitor straps breaking.

The survey was carried out on Fitbit and Garmin monitors. 

Watchstrap failures and breakages are fairly common so we have put together some hints and tips to help you keep your fitness monitor safe and looking good.

Is your watchstrap for light use only?

Some of the straps available are only intended for casual wear, they are not suitable for use during workouts or high impact activities. If it looks a bit delicate then better to select a harder wearing strap for your workouts 

Look after your watchstrap

We already looked at how to look after your new watchstrap, read more by clicking here, what else can you do to make sure your fitness watch doesn't randomly detach itself from your wrist? 

Make sure you put it on properly

No we don't mean to be patronising here, we all do it, rush something that only take a couple of seconds to do - but that's a lot of money sitting on your wrist so it's worth making sure you've done the catch up properly. 

Check your watchstrap

Whether you have a new watchstrap with your brand new fitness monitor, or you have got a replacement wristband, it's a great idea to check it over for damage as soon as you get it, it may have been produced with a fault due to some element of the manufacturing process. 

If your watchstrap is made of soft silicone, leather or metal, run your fingers over it and feel for any cracks, loose links or tears. 

Check both the watchstrap material and the fastener. If you have a traditional buckle type watchstrap make sure it sits securely by gently testing it, apply some pressure and make sure it holds fast. 

Every time you put your watchstrap on, get in the habit of checking it - it only takes a few seconds and it could save you the heartbreak of a damaged fitness monitor. 

Replace it regularly

As straps and wristbands are put through their paces, they are bound to lose their structural stability. It is probably a good idea to not risk your expensive fitness watch, especially with the price of a new watchstrap. If you don't want any other style than your favourite watchstrap, make sure you buy two when you get them. 

Change the watchstrap carefully

When you get a replacement watchstrap, make sure you know how to change that particular strap, use the tools if they are provided with your new strap and double check the fittings are really secure. Look for any unusual movement and gently try the fittings as you would the buckle or catch. The first time you change it, it doesn't hurt to just check the fittings. 

Take care

If you are doing some DIY or working in the house or garden, try to remember to take it off if you aren't worried about monitoring your health whilst doing your errands and chores.


If you want to keep your health monitor on 24 hours a day, maybe you could add a layer of protection to your strap and watch. A sweat band is a superb way to protect your fitness watch from scratches on the screen, and can keep your wriststrap covered while you are busy. It provides a snug fitting cover and should stay in place where maybe your top is too easily moved out of place. 

Also wearing gloves with long wrists, it's easy to get into the habit of putting on protective gloves and saves your skin and your watch. 

Have a spare watchstrap 

You might be more inclined to change the watchstrap if it looks a bit dubious, so have a spare one ready. 

We hope these tips and suggestions can save you from the distress of a broken or scratched fitness monitor through the failure of a watchstrap. 

To read the Which? article, please click here - they have more advice which may be of interest, particularly about your rights as a consumer. 


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