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Fitbit Charge 5 new straps


When the new fitness monitors and smart watches come out, we get as many great value straps on the shelves as we can.

The New Fitbit Charge 5 is no exception, if you were lucky enough to receive a Charge 5 for Christmas, we can help you match your look and style with a replacement watch strap.  

Whether you are looking for a comfortable yet reliable strap to go with your gym gear, or a leather strap to coordinate your Fitbit with your business or evening wear. 


  • Fitbit ECG (Electrocardiogram) App 
  • EDA (Electrodermal Activity) Scan App 
  • Stress Management Score 
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitoring 
  • Heart Rate Variability 
  • Breathing Rate 
  • Skin Temperature Tracking 
  • Sleep Score & Sleep Stages 
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking 
  • Active Zone Minutes 
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking with PurePulse® 
  • Built-In GPS
  • SmartTrack® 



A selection of favourite replacement straps to add style to your Fitbit Charge, from classic leather in a range of tones to really add a touch of class, to super smart stainless steel straps for a great addition to your evening and business wear. 

Silicone Strap

Comfortable, sporty silicone in a great range of colours - red, purple, pink, light green, light blue, dark blue, grey and more.
Sports strap for the Fitibt Charge 5

Sports strap 

Chunky, bright and bold, the very sporty watchstrap for the Charge 5 sets off your fitness gear, whilst being comfortable and secure for worry free wear.  

Click here to see the range of leather straps for the Fitbit Charge 5

 Leather strap for the Fitbit Charge 5

Leather strap 

Classic leather strap in modern colours, detailed with stitching for an unmistakably tailored effect. 

Click here to see the range of metal straps for the Fitbit Charge 5 

Stainless steel strap

Gold, silver, black and rose gold options in this stainless steel watchstrap. Stainless steel buckle locking system, looks stunning and adds a classic feel to your Fitbit Charge 5. 

Click here to see the range of stainless steel straps for the Fitbit Charge 5

As well as great prices, we have free delivery on orders over £25 so you can stock up on a great selection of replacement straps for the Charge 5. 

Did we mention we don't drop ship? We stock replacement straps in the UK for immediate despatch, we keep our stock levels updated so you can be sure your order will be quick out to you. 

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