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New Watchstraps for Spring 2021

We have been busy keeping up with all the fab new designs and colours to hit the shelves. Replacement watchstraps for your fitness monitor and smart watches.  

Easy stretchy replacement straps! 

Becoming more popular, these easy on, easy off comfy stretch straps offer a totally different look whilst being secure and snug. We are really pleased to be able to offer these great new replacement fitness monitor straps: 

Nylon Elastic Strap for Fitbit Charge 3 

The Fitbit Charge 3 is still a very popular fitness watch, our most popular replacement straps are for the Charge 3! We took a look at why this older model is still highly popular in this blog post.

We now have a great new nylon strap, perfect for sports activities and comfortable enough to wear all day. Check out the range of bright, bold colours and patterns by clicking on the link. 

Attach the strap to your Fitbit Charge 3 in the usual manner, then just slip your Charge 3 on and off, no buckle or fastener involved.


Scrunchie Strap for Garmin Vivoactive 3 

Continuing with the scrunchie style available for other makes and models of fitness monitors, this is a fun way to change your look and style. The soft, stretchy strap is easy to put on and is a refreshing change for a casual afternoon or evening out with friends. Choose a pattern to match or complement your outfit.

We totally love these patterns available, the space design is stunning and sure to match any other universe accessories you have like backpacks and facemasks. We also have floral prints, colourful stripes and rainbow, bold single colour scrunchies in black, red and cream, as well as cheetah print and leopard print - all perfect to coordinate with your daily outfit and great to give as gifts all year round. 

Check out the range of colourful designs by clicking on this link. 

Scrunchie Strap for Fitbit Inspire/ Inspire HR 

 Also available for the Inspire and Inspire HR, the scrunchie design is very popular, a light and refreshing watchstrap that is easily added to the Inspire fitness watch. The strong steel fasteners are reliable and secure, and the range of patterns mean you will find a match to your style and look. 

Perfect for wear throughout the day and evening, the comfortable soft scrunchie material stretches to fit, no buckles required.

Great range of designs, the scrunchie replacement straps are available in fun patterns such as rainbow, space, colourful stripes, leopard and cheetah prints, florals and block colours such as cream, red or black 

Traditional replacement wriststrap

Stainless Steel Strap for Fitbit Inspire 2 

A classic look for the Inspire 2, this crisp and clean replacement strap is available in a stylish range of colours, perfect for business or evening wear. 

These metallic watchstraps really do smarten up your Fitbit Inspire, very easy to wear, the stainless steel watch straps are of excellent quality and sit securely on your wrist. 

Choose from rose gold, gold, silver and black. 

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